Empowering The Youth To Take Action Against Crime

In the last year, the various crimes against women have been brought under the spot light. Although these crimes may have been taking place before, they were not given due importance in the newspapers and the various other forms of media.

However, after the gruesome rape case that took place in Delhi, the nation was jolted into the reality of how serious the problem really is. The fact is that there are a number of crimes that are being committed every single day. Many of these cases include a violation of the rights of women and children.

In recent time, the media has played a major role in making sure that these crimes are highlighted. It is because of this effort that the public have become aware of the situation. They can now raise their voice and work to make sure that the safety of the common people remains a priority.

News channels play a major role in bringing crime under the spotlight. In order to further this effort, a number of entertainment channels have joint the team as well. There are shows that are dedicated to crime and helping the public understand the mind set of criminals.

A great example of this genre of television is Gumrah. The show recreates crimes that have taken place in India. A set of actors in act the entire crime from the planning stages to the implementation. It is explained to you in details so that you can understand the thoughts of the criminals.

The show has been doing exceptionally well and has been enjoying high TRP ratings since the launch in March 2012. Gumrah Season 3 is set to be aired this September and is sure to be as good as the first two seasons.

It not only works to educate people about the need for safety measures, it goes one step further, to make sure that their dedicated fans remain safe. The show has launched the VithU apps for different smart phone platforms. The app serves as a safety measure, which will send out messages to emergency contacts, when you are in distress.

On downloading the app, you are made to enter the numbers of people who need to be contacted in case of an emergency. If you are in trouble, all you have to do is press the power button of your phone twice, in quick succession. A message will be sent to all the saved number along with your location. This will help to track you down and make sure you are safe.

Like this, there are a number of other Safety mobile apps and still more being developed. This will go a long way in making sure that public safety remains a priority. It will help people to stay calm during crises and give them tips on the same.

This is will help to make sure that safety remains a priority and the crimes that are being committed against women and against people in general remain under control.