Empowering The Youth To Take Action Against Crime

In the last year, the various crimes against women have been brought under the spot light. Although these crimes may have been taking place before, they were not given due importance in the newspapers and the various other forms of media.

However, after the gruesome rape case that took place in Delhi, the nation was jolted into the reality of how serious the problem really is. The fact is that there are a number of crimes that are being committed every single day. Many of these cases include a violation of the rights of women and children.

In recent time, the media has played a major role in making sure that these crimes are highlighted. It is because of this effort that the public have become aware of the situation. They can now raise their voice and work to make sure that the safety of the common people remains a priority.

News channels play a major role in bringing crime under the spotlight. In order to further this effort, a number of entertainment channels have joint the team as well. There are shows that are dedicated to crime and helping the public understand the mind set of criminals.

A great example of this genre of television is Gumrah. The show recreates crimes that have taken place in India. A set of actors in act the entire crime from the planning stages to the implementation. It is explained to you in details so that you can understand the thoughts of the criminals.

The show has been doing exceptionally well and has been enjoying high TRP ratings since the launch in March 2012. Gumrah Season 3 is set to be aired this September and is sure to be as good as the first two seasons.

It not only works to educate people about the need for safety measures, it goes one step further, to make sure that their dedicated fans remain safe. The show has launched the VithU apps for different smart phone platforms. The app serves as a safety measure, which will send out messages to emergency contacts, when you are in distress.

On downloading the app, you are made to enter the numbers of people who need to be contacted in case of an emergency. If you are in trouble, all you have to do is press the power button of your phone twice, in quick succession. A message will be sent to all the saved number along with your location. This will help to track you down and make sure you are safe.

Like this, there are a number of other Safety mobile apps and still more being developed. This will go a long way in making sure that public safety remains a priority. It will help people to stay calm during crises and give them tips on the same.

This is will help to make sure that safety remains a priority and the crimes that are being committed against women and against people in general remain under control.

Understanding the Many Factors Contributing to Public Safety

Public Safety Starts with Us

The first thing to realize about public safety is that it starts with individuals. The choices we make have a big impact on our safety. Be proactive about protecting yourself and your community. Always keep personal responsibility in mind.

What Does “Public Safety” Entail?

While this term may be used in various ways in any given city, state, region or country, when we think of the phrase “public safety,” we tend to go straight to the obvious definition: the rules, regulations and entities responsible for keeping residents safe from harm. This “harm” is most often associated with criminal activity and entities that deal with such activity, like the police department, but is not limited to such. Some public safety issues a governing body may deal with include:

Littering – This may not seem like a serious issue but it can, in fact, create dangerous situations. A piece of litter on a road could cause a vehicle accident and a piece of litter on a sidewalk can cause injury if it can’t be avoided.

Trespassing – Protecting homeowners, business owners and employees from unwanted visitors is a key component to public safety. While certain precautions are up to the homeowner or business owner (such as locking doors, installing alarms and/or cameras, etc.), the city is responsible for taking action when trespassing does occur.

Excessive Noise – Noise in and of itself does not necessarily cause “harm,” unless it is especially loud, but it does affect quality of life, which can also be considered under the umbrella of “public safety.” Most, if not all cities, have laws in place that indicate what noise levels are appropriate for which days and times and what noise levels are inappropriate.

Harassment – This is a very broad term that includes various forms, but it is the court’s job to have the appropriate systems in place to deal with harassment. Certain situations require intervention by law enforcement while others require available recourse through other channels, such as reporting a coworker or supervisor for sexual harassment. This applies to city officials and workers as well. Harassment leads to danger and any reported harassment must be addressed.

Narcotic Use – This is a problem around the world that requires strict enforcement by police and other authorities, but it isn’t just catching people when they use, it is also about prevention. The negative effects of substance abuse are not worth it and it is imperative that we pass this message on.

DUIs – Drunk drivers endanger everyone on the road and police need to have the resources to identify these drivers and get them off the road.

Juvenile Delinquency – Making sure our youth are on the right track is an important aspect of public safety. This not only requires a juvenile justice system that works but on making sure education receives the funding it needs and helping making sure that there are plenty of activities and opportunities through city groups and organizations. The community is a big part of keeping our youth on the right track.

Building Safety Codes – The specifications to which buildings are built have a direct effect on public safety. How many exits there are, where the exits are, the fire/emergency alarm system and other characteristics must all conform to the highest standards while upholding individual property rights.

Road Infrastructure & Traffic Management – Traffic jams are not fun, we all know this, but they also threaten public safety. When traffic signals are not timed properly or are not working, this threatens public safety as well. Crosswalks, stop signs and traffic cameras all have to do with the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, as does our own personal safety management.

Police & Fire Funding – If we expect the police and fire departments to respond properly, we need to make sure they have the resources they need and that those resources are used appropriately. There are a lot of costs associated with running these departments and ensuring that they have what they need takes a step in the right direction when it comes to public safety. The proper management of water and electricity is also an important factor in the police and fire planning process.

The Mill Channel 4 Review – Period Drama Set In 1830s England

If you’re one of those people who hanker after a world before health and safety zealots wrapped our children in cotton wool then a couple of things: i) button it and ii) The Mill is the ideal program for you. They don’t worry about health and safety at the Quarry Bank Mill in the 1833. So while the young girl Miriam (Sacha Parkinson) is being molested in the bogs by evil overlooker Charlie Crout (Craig Parkinson) the 10-year-old unsupervised slave rat Tommy (Connor Dempsey) gets his arm trapped in the machinery. Ah it was great back then. Yes you got a few bumps and scrapes but that’s how you learned about life. Miriam has learned that she’s a disposable grope toy and Tommy’s learned that his hand’s going to be amputated. They don’t teach you that at University.

So life is a faeces quesadilla for the children and 12 hour shifts are quite literally run of the mill. But wait, change is in the air. Irish political organiser John Doherty (Aidan McArdle) agitates for the 10 hour bill that will make it illegal for a child to work more than 10 hours a day (which is essentially turning work into a holiday camp).

Doherty delivers fiery rhetoric through a broken face he got at the hands of a savage beatdown at the hands of the mill’s new mechanic Daniel Bate (Matthew McNulty). We don’t know what provoked the pummelling but we do know that mill owner’s son Robert Greg (Jamie Draven) just dragged him out of debtor’s prison Dirty Dozen style as apparently he’s some kind of wayward engineering genius. Daniel’s politically conscious too so if he can knock off beating Irish men unconscious then he’s arrived at exactly the right time.

Also feisty is apprentice girl Esther Price (Kerrie Hayes). When whistleblowing on Charlie Crout’s sexual abuse backfires she finds herself cornered in the privy with him getting ready to get rapey. It doesn’t look good for Esther but one whack in the nuts with a metal bell clapper she stole and all of a sudden it’s Crout who doesn’t look so hot.

So exploitation, mutilation, sexual abuse and a metal clapper to the balls. While I’m not going to tell you it’s cheery there’s an optimism in The Mill that leavens the mood and prevents it from descending fully into misery porn. Although the characters are based on real people from the era they still feel a little bit plucked from stock Dickensian archetypes – the fusty mill owner, the gobby Mick, the spirited girl. Nonetheless the writing and performances are fine and it’s nice to have a reminder of why we need trade unions as, one way or another, most of the people watching owe their existence in the gene pool to them.

The verdict: What’s 10 years old and got one hand? Oh you’ve heard it.

Marks out of 10: 7