Safety First Baby Monitor Reviews

Parents appreciate the peace of mind and freedom of movement provided by baby monitors. Their little one can sleep peacefully in the crib while Mom and Dad take care of chores around the house. The parents can monitor the baby from another room and know immediately when Baby needs them. One product group of monitors is the Safety First baby monitor line. Their monitors include those that monitor sounds and also some that include a camera component for visual monitoring.

The Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor and the Safety 1st Glow and Grow Baby Monitor are the more economical models. Both models offer two channels at 49MHz with low battery indicators and volume control. Both the parent and baby units in these models operate on batteries with AC adapters also included. They are both offered only in white. There are several variations between the models also. The Crystal Clear model includes a belt clip on the portable parent unit and an intercom talk back feature. Its signal has a range of up to 600 feet. In contrast, the Glow and Grow model provides a digital reading of the nursery’s temperature. It also has a tap on night light that automatically shuts off in fifteen minutes, which is handy for night time diaper changes. Its signal range is up to 400 feet away. Both receive good parent ratings for clear signal and great range. There seems to be some quality control issues, however, since some units are reported as having a lot of static while most others transmit very clearly.

The medium priced models the company makes are the Safety 1st Safe-Glow Nursery Monitor, the 1st Glow and Go Duo Monitor, the Sound View Monitor and the Comfort Zone Digital Baby Monitor. All operate on nine volt batteries with energy saving AC adapters included. All have low battery and power on indicators and only come in white. All have a portable parent unit with belt clip, but the Glow and Go Duo and the Safe-Glow models offer an additional parent unit as well. The first 3 models operate on two channels at 49 MHz at a range from up to four to six hundred feet. The Comfort Zone Digital is the only model with an alarm that signals if the nursery temperature falls outside the range parents have set for it. It also has 2.4 GHz of digital technology offering 14 channels at up to 900 feet. The Sound View, Glow and Go and Safe-Glow units have a soft glowing tap on night light with a fifteen minute automatic cut off period.

Parent reviews of these four models are mostly positive. There again appears to be inconsistency in production of the models. Some work very well from the start while others do not and need to be replaced. Some parents state the units “eat up batteries” as they only last a few hours sometimes in the parent unit. The nursery temperature measurements tend to be higher than the actual temperature of the room.

The final Safety 1st baby monitor models are the Prism and the True View Color Video Monitors. These are the most expensive models of the product line because they include color video cameras as the baby units. The Prism comes in black and the True View in white. Both have 2.4 GHz of digital technology which run on batteries with AC adapters included. Each can be set on table tops or wall mounted. Other common features are sound lights, volume and brightness controls, adaptable viewing angles and a signal range of up to 350 feet. The True View model includes low battery and on/off warning signals with an out of range indicator and auto channel selector. The Prism, on the other hand, offers a remote zoom feature, is voice activated and includes a date and time display. It also monitors the temperature in the nursery.